Moonville Tunnel Ghosts - The Bully Above the Tunnel


The Bully of Moonville

Baldie KeetonThe ghost of a drunken man who was murdered near Moonville Tunnel is said to walk above the tunnel and toss pebbles at those below.

Baldie Keeton was from Moonville right around 1886. And his ghost story has been told by locals for more than a hundred years. He was sixty-five when he died and it was under suspicious circumstances.

One evening, Baldie was returning from court. It was said, he  headed to Lockhart's Hope-Moonville Saloon between Zaleski and Moonville at Hope Furnace Station (it is the long stretch of Shea Road you passed coming in between SR 278 and Hope Moonville Road) and got drunk.  Baldie loved to fight and when he did, he would give his opponent a huge bear hug to subdue him. On the night Baldie Keeton died, he was drunk and in the mood to fight. One thing led to another and eventually, Baldie Keeton got into a fight at the bar. He bear-hugged a man and was told to leave town “or else”. Although, he was warned, it is said it took some persuasion to get him out the door.




On his way home, some say Baldie Keeton was jumped and murdered. No one ever confessed to the crime and no one was ever arrested. You see, they found the sixty-five year old man on the tracks and by the way he looked, he had been hit by at least three trains. He was found the next morning, however his killers were never identified.

It is said his ghost has been seen above the tunnel, standing still and solitary. He has been known to throw rocks and pebbles at those walking beneath. An account of an individual who once lived in Moonville stated there was a saying among mothers to their children about staying out to late: "If you're not in by dark, ol' Baldie Keeton will get you!"

Here is an account from Mike Shea August 16, 1961 as written in his collections:

"Baldie Keeton (David) was big and powerful and when in a fight or foolin' around he would hug a man and squeeze him. One day in Mat Lockhart's saloon he tried to squeeze Jim Mace and Jim knocked him over the bar and into the bottles. Then he got Baldie's head and bent him over the bar ready to break his neck but was talked out of it. A Dunn tried to break it up earlier in the fight and Jim "damn near killed him". Baldie was finally killed near the coal washer near the Bighouse place - supposedly by a train but everyone figured he was murdered."


Moonville Tunnel

Moonville Tunnel Access:

Moonville Tunnel Access: There is now a bridge crossing from a parking area to the tunnel located here: (39.308458, -82.324539). Simply cross the steel bridge and continue up the hill. It will be on the left.

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